Monday, September 21, 2009

We could learn a thing or two from geese!

When flying in a "V" formation, the geese in front create an updraft for the ones behind them. This increases an individual bird's range by 71%.  When the lead goose tires, he drops back in the formation and another goose fills in.  While flying in formation, the geese in the rear honk encouragement to those leading the flock.  When a goose gets sick or tired, two geese stay behind with the sick one to protect it. They don't leave until it can fly again or dies.  
(Source: "40 Tools for Cross-Functional Teams" by Walter J. Michalski)

I decided not to supply my original "editorial" for this one.  By now, you probably know what I took away from this little blurb!  Carla

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