Friday, September 18, 2009

A sample of what is to come on the topic of licensing, pushing and the future of midwifery

It is NOT about midwifery.  Well, it can be if that is what you really want, but that is just a temporary fix.  PLEASE look further down the road. The real solution is to acknowledge a parent's right to choose to birth with anyone or no one.  That acknowledgement that parents' own their births — and not the state, nor the medical or midwifery community, is inclusive of the fact that birth is SAFE.  In fact, predicated on that truth. We are living proof that surviving birth is not dependent on the credentials of a birth attendant. If we don't tell the truth about birth, who will?  All the objections to midwifery and all the objections to home birth are based on a lie.  That is what we have to correct and licensing midwives does not fix that misconception.  That is why my intention is to keep telling the truth about BIRTH, to one mother at a time, with the confidence that once the mothers know the truth, they will take birth back!
- Carla Hartley

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