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FOLKS DO GET BORN by Marie Campbell

This Post Test is Copyrighted Ancient Art Midwifery Institute 1995.  
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by Marie Campbell
Folks Do Get Born, copyright 1946.  It is hard to find, but worth it!  I found mine on Ebay for around $50 but may be much higher at times.

1. What is a “gift child” mentioned in this book and who had them?
2. What did Martha mean when she said she germinated someone?
3. What did midwives mean by saying, “I caught babies by the Old Law”?
4. What effect would it appear to have had on the number of granny midwives practicing in Georgia after the State Board of Heath assumed responsibility for supervising and licensing midwives in 1925?
5. Mam Bob said grannies will some day be:
a) respected as they should have been   
b) written up in the history books 
c) a nigh gone thing
6. Why did Liddie Ruth Duffy want Roger Dell’s hat?
7. A midwife without a “Lison Blank” is without:
a. a blank birth certificate   
b. an application to practice midwifery in Georgia   
c. a midwife certificate
8. How did Aunt Lovetta come to have a story she referred to as a Wild West Show?
9.  “Maybe you calls it bleeding at the cord…, We calls it umbilical hemorrhage.”  Who said it and to whom?
10. Tea of black haw roots was believed to prevent miscarriage.  Who talks about tricking women by telling women to take it thinking that it will do the opposite?
11. In her prayer, what did Aunt Jennie ask the Lord not to forget in his hurry?
12. The warmer was the source of some righteous indignation from Molly Baker, whose mother had been a granny midwife before the warmer came on the scene.  Who did she specifically mention as having been saved by her mother in this circumstance without the modern convenience of the warmer?
13. When Mary Belle performed her play of her attending a homebirth, what did she say should be done to the cord and was that Old Law or New?
14. What were her last words to her patient?
15. Sister Mandy was also known as:
a. The Bringer
b. Ma Mandy
c. both 
©Copyright Ancient Art Midwifery Institute 1995

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