Friday, September 5, 2008

Kathy Reid on her AAMI enrollment

I am so honored to be a part of AAMI. I spent over a year researching midwifery schools around the country. I examined every web page and read almost every forum thread online that had anything to do with midwifery schools. So many of them seemed so strict and rigid. I'm 39 and I've done college. I didn't want that coldness and disconnection between my passion in learning and an education that was structured for people that are great at test taking and learn in a linear style. So, when I came across AAMI my eyes popped out of my head. It was perfect for me. I learn in an environment where I can really dive deep into the things that are presenting themselves to me today, not two semesters from now. The curriculum is arranged so that you can follow it in a linear style if that suits you best, or even better, study the parts that are speaking to you right now. So, if you have the chance to apprentice with a local midwife, you can be doing research and learning about the things that are also presenting themselves to you right now. You are always moving ahead in your studies and your curriculum, as you see fit. And yet, the curriculum is there to guide you and to make sure that nothing is left unnoticed. It is the most comprehensive program I have found.

It is so perfect for me as I unschool (education through life-learning) my 12 year old son. So, he and I are both unschooling now. We study what we feel moved to study. The materials are very well organized and always offer much more in the form of learning than what is on the page in front of your eyes. The staff are unbelievable and very supportive. The things you don't see in the fine print that you will receive with your enrollment, are access to conference calls with Carla and other staff members, participation in many different yahoo groups, connection with other AAMI students, and direct access to learning all about how to TRUST BIRTH. Carla produced the Trust Birth Conference last March and it was incredible.

I consider this course to be 3D. Most studies involve a question and a correct answer that you memorize. Carla's course is designed to give you an experience with multiple dimensions on every topic. You study from a place of relatedness and wholeness, not from a place of isolated factoids. This makes for such a rich experience and one that you will remember to the depths of your soul. This is where you need to keep all of your learning, so that when you really need it, it is there for you to call upon.

I think one of the most amazing parts of AAMI is learning from Carla. She trusts birth to her deepest core. And to get to that place, you have to really know your stuff. Her course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about birth and also how to be a life learner for the rest of your life. This is good not only for you, but for every mama and baby that will be touched by you in the future.

I'm available by email or phone if you want to talk more.

Love, Kathy Reid
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